Dolls of Tomorrow
A brief commentry on Dolls.

Dolls have been around for who knows how long. You can find them in assorted styles and materials (wood, plastic, etc.) The key reason as to why I made this page lies within the materials which dolls are created from today.

Dolls are undergoing changes from physical toys to non-physical ("online") toys. It is all just a matter of time before children fully "convert"

So why would I say this? It is simple really. It is fun, easier, quicker, simpler, and cheaper to "own" an "online doll".

The are various sites online that allows you to customize your "online dolls" (or avatars). The greatest thing about these sites is that you do not have to spend money customizing your doll as you like. It is FREE.

I would say that generally, if you aren't a collector/adult/doll fanatic, then you will most likely convert to the wolrd of online dolls.